Title: Supplementary Material to “The Choir as a Pivotal Element in the Synthesis of Language and Sound: Ulrich Rasche’s Musical Theatre”
Description: Data taken from the creation and performances of 4.48 Psychose at Deutsches Theater Berlin.
Data Availability: 
Contact: Hauck, Caiti  
Contributor(s): King, Katelyn Rose 
DOI: https://doi.org/10.48620/391
Organization(s): Bern University of Applied Sciences 
Institute of Musicology 
Language(s): en
Subject(s): 700 - Arts > 780 - Music
Keyword(s): Theatre-musicking; German Contemporary theatre; Ulrich Rasche; Nico van Wersch; Contemporary Choirs in Theatre; ethnographic rehearsal research
Rights: CC-BY-NC
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