Title: Appendices to PhD Dissertation of Patrick Illien
Description: Appendix 1: Survey Questionnaire Rwanda Appendix 2: Data Cleaning Guidelines Appendix 3: Examples of Interview Guides for Semi-Structured Interviews in Rwanda Appendix 4: Interview Guide for Life Histories in Rwanda Appendix 5: Template for Interview Notes Appendix 6: Transcription Guidelines Appendix 7: Coding Frame for Analysis of Semi-Structured Target Household Interviews in Rwanda Appendix 8: Research Ethics and Safety Handout
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Contact: Illien, Patrick  
Contributor(s): Illien, Patrick  
Illien, Patrick  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.48620/45
Organization(s): Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) 
Institute of Geography 
International Graduate School North-South (IGS North-South) 
Language(s): en
Subject(s): 300 - Social sciences, sociology & anthropology
Keyword(s): Research methods
Data collection and analysis
Political economy
Rights: CC-BY
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