Title: On the non-bonding valence band and the electronic properties of poly(triazine imide), a graphitic carbon nitride
Description: The dataset contains THz time domain spectroscopy results gathered of poly(triazine imide) pressed pellets. There are two samples (i) poly(triazine imide) intercalated with Li- and Br-ions called (PTi-LiBr) and (ii) intercalation free poly(triazine imide) called (PTI-IF). There are three kinds of datasets for each of the two samples: the raw data, the calculated data and the fitted data. The raw data consists of three columns: time, THz field amplitude in air E_ref and THz field amplitude through the pellet E_trans. The calculated data represents the THz complex conductivity in the frequency domain calculated from a fast Fourier transform (FFT). It consists of three columns: frequency, Real conductivity, Imaginary conductivity. The fitted data represents the Drude Smith Model model fits of the calculated data. It consists of three columns: the interpolation of 1000 points in between the range of the frequency, the fit of the Re conductivity, the fit of the Imaginary conductivity.
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Contact: Röck, Eva Gabriela 
Contributor(s): Röck, Eva Gabriela 
Banerji, Natalie  
DOI: https://doi.org/10.48620/275
Organization(s): DCBP Gruppe Prof. Banerji 
Language(s): en
Subject(s): 500 - Science
Keyword(s): THz spectroscopy
graphitic carbon nitride
Rights: CC-BY
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